What is Bumbeline anyway?

Well, the shop originally started as a way for me to share the products that have made a difference to my life with other moms and their families. Every product here is something I have used and enjoyed so when you buy from here you know you are getting tried and tested products!

The name originally came from one of those adorable mispronounciations our children give us. My eldest daughter was singing the song 'I'm bringing home a baby bumble-bee,' which was she sang as 'I'm bringing home a baby bumbeline."  And so it stuck!

I work as a doula in Durban, so if you would like to know a little more about me, feel free to follow my blog: Diary of a Durban Doula
I also have an informational site that you might enjoy: Giving Birth Naturally

I do offer wholesale opportunities on the amber jewellery, the hazelwood jewellery and the generic menstrual cups, so if you would like to retail any of these products please contact me at leighjansenza@gmail.com

On the other hand, if you have products you would like to send me to test to see if I'd be happy to sell them here, feel free to contact me on the same address!


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