Hazel Necklaces for Babies (11inch) 
Hazel Necklaces for Babies (11inch)
Price : R 180.00

Naturally relieve eczema and acid reflux in babies and children with these limited edition Hazelwood necklaces!

Hazelwood is naturally alkaline and neutralizes acidity throughout the body when in contact with the skin. This can relieve conditions related to over-acidity of the body, including eczema and reflux, as well as some of the discomfort cause by teething.

Hazelwood necklaces are not for chewing on!

We recommend that you do not allow this necklace to be worn while bathing or swimming as this can cause the beads to split and/or peel.Having said that, these are natural, untreated, unvarnished wooden beads some some peeling is normal, as is a natural variation in colour and size.

You will know that your hazelwood necklace is depleted when the ends of the beads turn dark grey - it is then time to replace your necklace. Ideally a hazelwood necklace should last 6 months, but this time may be reduced if you have high acidity levels.


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